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Inventor of the Hellywood Partial Lacewig, special for people with FFA alopecia

Hair is an important part of your personality for many people. Hair stands for strength, hair increases self-confidence. Hellywood Haircollection is specialized in hair works for alopecia patients, which we have developed based on our experience.

In addition to hair treatments and Alopecia, we have extensive additional services such as: beauty treatments, waxing, eyelashes & eyebrows, manicure, pedicure, nail studio, Black hair Relaxer, hair weaving, hair extensions, braiding service, make-up service and more! Come by and get to know our complete service, from hair to foot.

Make an appointment in the salon (with deposit). Hair treatments of more than € 100, – by appointment only with full prepayment. We also work without an appointment. The coffee / tea is ready for you, see you soon!

Reimbersement trough all health insurers!

Personal, discreet & professional 1 on 1 advice!

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Staff wanted!

Hellywood Haircollection is urgently looking for an experienced all-round hairdressers, nail technicians, eyelash and eyebrow stylists (of all nationalities). Interested? Visit us at Volkstraat 10A in Antwerp or contact us. It is also possible to rent a chair in our salon!

Alopecia man

Male hair loss

Androgenetic alopecia is male hair loss that women are also increasingly suffering from. In men over the age of 30, getting less thick hair is a normal and natural process. And is socially accepted. Sometimes a hereditary factor is involved.

Hellywood Partial Lacewig (partial hairunit)

The Hellywood partial lace wig is unique hairunit is meant to help people with FFA hairloss to recover confidence and joy back in life. The Hellywood Partial Lacewig is ideally suited for people with frontal fibrosing alopecia. It is a partial hairunit with an opening in the middle, through which the own hair that is left over with the hairunit is combined into one whole. In addition to the Hellywood Partial Lacewig, we also make wigs for other forms of Alopecia.

Hellywoodwood Haircollection has different hair works for European hair and black hair. The hairunits are suitable for women, men and children.

Shorter models are of course cheaper to purchase.

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A selection of our references

Every day we get questions about our hairunits and we take away people’s doubts to come by and give it a try.

Top quality product

I thought it was very important to have one on one consultation. Quiet and undisturbed. Also important and nice is the aftercare after 2 weeks. I am always welcome for any urgent questions. The wig and the products I use with it are great!

What a great service!

I received personal advice and a demonstration upon delivery. I learned how to handle my hairpiece and what to pay attention to when wearing my hairpiece.

More confidence

After my chemo I urgently needed a hairpiece. I have been referred to Hellywood Haircollection by Oncology. Ivonne speaks several languages. I am foreign. Yvonne makes me feel confident again.

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