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Hellywood HairCollection is the shop for a special hairpiece: the Hellywoodpartial lace wig.

Hair is an important part of your personality. Hair is power, like with Samson and Delila. Hair increases your confidence. Hair is a source of pride. Quickly look further to see what we can do for you.


Alopecia is a serious form of unwanted hair loss. Chemotherapy, regular use of certain medication, stress and also unprofessional hair treatments can lead to unwanted hair loss.

Hellywood HairCollection

Hellywoodwood Haircollection consists of different wig models suitable for European and Blackhair and are available in women's, men's and children's models.

One of the models is the Hellywood partial lace wig. This unique wig model is meant to help people with severe hair loss to find their self-awareness and joy in life. The HPL W coveres areas where the hair industry has never paid attention to.

I invented this hairwork myself and obtained a patent for it. This hairpiece is handknotted, of light material and adapted to the natural hairline. That is why it looks very natural. With this hairwork you can integrate your hair what is left and healthy. This hairpiece is suitable for people with alopecia where the hair is missing at the front and at the sides. You can be assured of a perfect wearing comfort. HPLW is available in all standard colors and lengths. From smooth to curly hair.

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  • Dalva Braziliancurls small
    Dalva Braziliancurls small
    € 785,00
  • Indirah Body wave
    Indirah Body wave
    € 1.025,00
  • Jelena Kinky straight
    Jelena Kinky straight
    € 795,00
  • Grace Salt & Pepper Body wave
    Grace Salt & Pepper Body wave
    € 785,00
  • Tuverah Silky straight two tone
    Tuverah Silky straight two tone
    € 1.195,00
  • Franka Body wave highlights
    Franka Body wave highlights
    € 1.149,00
  • Bianca Body wave
    Bianca Body wave
    € 1.149,00
  • Marilyn 1 Silky straight
    Marilyn 1 Silky straight
    € 1.195,00
  • Marilyn 2 Body wave
    Marilyn 2 Body wave
    € 1.195,00
  • Jazzmin Body wave
    Jazzmin Body wave
    € 1.149,00
  • Kim Body wave
    Kim Body wave
    € 1.195,00
  • Tiana Brazilian wave
    Tiana Brazilian wave
    € 1.395,00
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