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Complete collection of hairunits. From smooth, frizzy to curly hair.

For ladies, gentlemen and children.

Hair is an important part of their personality for many people. Hair stands for strength, hair increases self-confidence. Hair is part of someone’s appearance for almost everyone.

About Hellywood Haircollection

Ivonne Held is the owner of HellywoodHairCollection. She has 45 years of experience in the Beauty Industry as a Beautician, make-up Artist, Hairdresser, Color & style advisor. Ivonne has lived in Germany for over 55 years and followed her professional training there. She has worked for many beautyTop Brands. She was the first Foreighn Saleswoman at Douglas in Germany and later in the Netherlands.

Living with alopecia

After some personal drastic sad events Ivonne suffered severe Hairloss (FFA hairloss). In the beginning I assumed that this would disappear, but it got worse and worse. Due the fact that i could not find a suitable hairunit, I started to experiment with all the wigs and hairunits which where in my possession in the meantime. In this way my idea for the Hellywood Partial Lacewig developed in 2008. I did not develop the Hellywood partial Lacewig just for myself, but for all women who suffer from FFA hairloss. My intention is to help this group to recover their self-confidence, quality and joy of life with this unique hairunit. For other kinds of Alopecia we also have a suitable collection of wigs and hairunits for ladies, gents and kids.

Patent for Hellywood Partial Lacewig

Ivonne obtaine a patent for her Hellywood partial lacewig and which she is very proud of that. “Due the fact that i suffer from FFA hairloss . I know what is important with this kind of hairloss. In order to obtaine a patent one must show convincingly that what you have invented is new and unique. So in my case a hairunit: The Hellywoodpartial lace wig that is different from all other previuos ones. Because it is not a standard wig, but an integrated health device. The healthy hair that is still in the center of your back head does not need to be cut or hidden. It is used to attach the hair unit. The Hellywood partial lace wig sits securely safe. You can be assured of a perfect wearing comfort.

Ivonne Alopecia is now a FAA speaker and member of various alopecia associations at home and abroad.

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