Caviar Anti aging High Hold Finishing Spray


A quick-drying hold spray that seals styles with matte shine and long-lasting moisture resistance without stickiness or flaking.

Perfect for straight, wavy, curly, coiled and tightly coiled hair.

Content: 250 ml


Patented since 2008


Suitable for Alopecia


Storm and water resistant

Hellywood Partial Lacewig Collection

The Hellywood Partial Lacewig is available in all standard colors and lengths and from smooth to curly hair. The basic sizes of the cap are small, medium and large; you can also have the cap made to measure. We are happy to give you personal advice during an introductory meeting.

Patented since 2008

Ivonne Held, the owner of Hellywood Haircollection, invented the Hellywood Partial Lacewig herself and obtained a patent for it because it is unique. It is a partial hairpiece with an opening in the middle that offers space for your own hair. The Hellywood Partal Lacewig covers the bald spots on the scalp. It has been specially developed for people with frontal fibrosing alopecia.

Also through wind and weather

The Hellywood Partal Lacewig is handmade and from natural hair. During the design process, we make sure that we follow your own hairline, so that your hairpiece looks “like real”. You can do everything with it: sports, swimming and going to the sauna. You do not have to fear the Dutch wind or storm, your hair system is firmly secured. Tape and glue, which take in your body heat and therefore release it, are not necessary due to the integration of your own hair with the hair piece.